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Didcot A Power Station

The images of Didcot A Power Station were all taken during the final months of operation up to last hour of generation on Tuesday 26th March 2013. I worked at the Power Station from the start of my apprenticeship in 1970 until station closure 2013. From 1976 onwards I was involved in the running the Power Station photographic club which at its peak had over 100 members, selling film, camera batteries and an extensive selection of loan Tamron lenses and adapters. We also had a fully equipped darkroom at the sports & social club. In the last few months of the station’s operation a group of around 7 photo club members were given special permission to go back in in our spare time. It involved going in on a Monday evening for two or three hours every fortnight for several months. During this period we covered the whole of the site taking images right up to the last hour of generation. At the time it was quite a challenge as tripods were of no use due to vibrations which meant with poor light, we were having to take image up to 6400 ISO. Some of the images were used in book published by RWE about the life of the station to give to all staff at closure.