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Ivan Belcher

Ivan worked at Harwell in the photographic group from 1951 until 1983 when he eventually managed to get early retirement. He then successfully turned his part time business into a full-time business under the name of I J Belcher Colour Picture Library, which began supplying quality colour photographs of the British Islands to a wide range of publishing clients. This material appeared in well-known travel brochures, calendars, puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, postcards, and chocolate box tops. In 1998 a book called the Magic & Mystery of England was published (with all the images chosen from his library of 40,000 transparencies). The original print run of 25,000 resulted in a further two publications of 25,000 each in a smaller coffee table size version. In order to keep up with modern technology, 2,000 images from his library were scanned making them accessible to a worldwide audience via one of the United Kingdom’s leading stock photograph agencies.

(Images kindly supplied by the NDA photo library)