I became interested in photography in the mid 60’s my first camera was a Kodak Brownie Twin, given to me by my father who was himself a professional photographer. You could say that it was in my blood.

I grew up in a household where my father Ivan was working professionally as a photographer at Harwell and to supplement his income, he took wedding photographs at the weekend and could on occasions cover up to three weddings on a Saturday traveling by bike. It was not unusual for me to see the bath used for washing off the prints during the week.

On leaving school in 1970, I trained as C& I Technician with the CEGB at Didcot A Power Station and on completion of my apprenticeship I worked there until the station closure in 2012. During that period, I ran a photographic club which at its peak had over 100 members. Since the site closure, our camera club is still running with about 14 members meeting at the B Site Visitor Centre.

When my father took early retirement in 1983, he set up in his own business, trading as I J Belcher Colour Picture Library. In my spare time, I supplied images for his picture library and set up a computerised catalogue database of his 50,000 images. His business income was generated by the supplying of images for UK travel companies, magazines, agencies, birthday cards, etc. My equipment that I used at that time was a medium format cameras, Yashica 124G and Bronica SQA’s

In 2008 I joined the Oxford Photographic Society to improve my photographic abilities and I diversified into experimenting many different aspects of photography. I now enjoy photographing Wildlife, Landscape, Travel, Aviation. I currently use a Canon 5DMkIV and more recently using a Sony A7III with a selection of prime and zoom lenses.