Ivan Belcher
My father’s first image sold for publication was of me as a 3-year-old which first appeared on a birthday card in the late 50's. My brother and I often appeared as subjects on various publications throughout the years.
David Aged 3
Dave Aged 5
David & Michael

During his career at Harwell, Ivan was involved in taking images of not only the establishment but he covered many VIP visits by Margaret Thatcher Winston Churchill etc.
Ivan at work at Harwell during his earlier years

Ivan 5x4 Camera
Maggie Thatcher
Images kindly supplied by the NDA Photo Library
Winstone Churhill
Harold Macmillan

Ivan J Belcher Colour Picture Library
The Magic & Mystery of England
After taking early retirement from Harwell in 1983, Ivan then went on to set up his full time business supplying medium format and 5x4 colour transparencies of the British Islands to a wide range of publishing clients. This material appeared in well-known travel brochures, calendars, puzzle books, jigsaw puzzles, postcards and chocolate box tops. In 1998 he supplied images for a publication called the Magic & Mystery of England all the images chosen from his library of 50,000 transparencies. The original print run of 25,000 resulted in a further two publication runs of 25,000 in a smaller version. in 1999 two thousand transparencies from the library were scanned making them accessible to a Worldwide audience via Alamy one of United Kingdom’s leading stock photography agencies.